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Montana Pheasant Hunting

Directory of 30 Montana Pheasant hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Montana.

6x Outfitters
305 W. Lamme, Bozeman, Montana 59715
Phone: (406) 586-3806, Cell: (406) 600-1835

We have a long upland bird season in Montana, September 1 to January 1. Pheasant season runs mid-October to January 1. The bag limits are generous, Huns 8 per day, sharptails 4 per day, pheasant 3 per day and sage grouse 2 per day. Possession limits are 32 Huns, 12 sharptails, 9 pheasant and 4 sage grouse. My upland bird hunts are based in Lewistown in the central part of the state. The birds are all wild and few places offer more variety and opportunity. In the early season you will encounter Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, sage grouse, Wilsons snipe and morning dove. Starting in mid October we concentrate on pheasants. Most of the hunting is on private land. The terrain is rolling hills, native prairie grassland and agricultural areas. Plan to walk 5 to 8 miles per day. Airlines fly to Lewistown, Billings and Great Falls. I do not carry a gun or mix hunting parties. The dogs are well trained English setters and Labrador retrievers. Your trained dog is always welcome.

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Bear Paw Hunts
Box 765 1641 Juniper Dr., Havre, Montana 59501
Phone: (406) 386-2256

There are currently great populations of upland birds. There are pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse, mountain grouse, and Hungarian partridges. This is a popular activity after you have harvested your big game animal. Group hunts are also offered for the bird enthusiast. Sharp-tail and partridge season starts in early September through November. Pheasant season begins in early October and runs through December.

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Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex & Preserve
1767 Bender Road, Billings, Montana 59101
Phone: (406) 670-1183

For members and guests, we extend the season with bird hunting opportunities on the game bird preserve. Continue the season and your dog’s training with Ring-necked Pheasant and Chukar hunting into the Spring (March 31st). We require a seven bird minimum as well as 48 hour notice for scheduling purposes. Accommodations can be made to suit all levels of bird hunters.

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Chase Hill Outfitters
43 Chase Hill Drive, Big Sandy, Montana 59520
Phone: (406) 386-2447

Whether you’re in search of SHARPTAIL GROUSE, SAGE GROUSE, HUNGARIAN PARTRIDGE OR RING NECK PHEASANT, you will find plenty to choose from at Chase Hill Outfitters. Bird hunting is done behind professionally trained bird dogs. We hunt 1000′s acres of wheat stubble and CRP grass lands (mainly conservation reserve program lands, CRP) that are not grazed by livestock. Our rolling hills, numerous windbreaks and good predator control has resulted in high quality hunting. We see approximately 100 Sharptail Grouse and close to the same number of Hungarian Partridge per day. The Sage grouse are definitely on the rebound due to our strict management of allowing only one per client and only if they are going to mount it. Pheasant hunting is done in creek bottoms and along the Milk River with the opportunity to limit out virtually every day.

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Double Deuce Outfitters
1438 Reservation Creek Rd, Forsyth, Montana 59327
Phone: (406) 342-5475

Montana bird hunting is among the best bird hunting in the country. The variety of birds we hunt is nearly unrivaled. On our upland bird hunts you will find sharptail grouse, hungarian partridge, doves, pheasant and turkeys. On our waterfowl hunts you can expect to see plenty of geese. It's the wide range of species we can hunt on one trip that makes this a truly unique bird hunting experience. The upland birds are hunted in a vast range of terrain from grassy flats to a wide array of thick brushy draws. The sharptail and partridge are found in the higher brush pockets and grass flats, pheasants in the lower thick draws, doves along roads and tree lines and the turkey hang out in the timber country.

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Eagle Nest Lodge
879 Sawyer Loop, Hardin, Montana 59034
Phone: (406) 665-3711

Eagle Nest Loge has secured leases on more than 40,000 acres of ranch and farmland that is rich in upland birds. Wild bird hunts are managed by taking only a limited number of hunters each year. By rotating between several different areas, the Eagle Nest staff can insure excellent hunting throughout the entire season. Hunts begin in September and run through mid-November. Lodge accommodations, gourmet country dining. We are an Orvis endorsed wingshooting lodge.

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Eastslope Outfitters
1130 Nugget Place, Billings, Montana 59105
Phone: (406) 670-8998

Eastslope Outfitters can give you guided access to thousands of acres of private hunting land in southeast Montana. We offer Montana hunting properties on private ranch & farm land within an hour’s drive of Billings, Montana. Picture it: a crisp Fall day in Southeast Montana, with the air fresh, the colors glorious and the brush-filled draws exploding beneath you as the dogs flush out pheasant, sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge. Bring good walking boots, as some days we’ll cover a lot of ground. Eastslope Outfitters or our guides will provide flushing and retrieving dogs. Clients are welcome to bring their own trained hunting dogs. Outdoor kennels are available at no charge with reservation. In some cases, we allow clients to keep well-behaved dogs inside the house (prior approval required), with the understanding a cleaning/damage fee may be charged should the need occur.

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Fetch Inn Hunting Preserve
206 Westside Rd, Hamilton, Montana 59840
Phone: (406) 363-5111

Our fast-flying, beautiful, Ringneck Pheasants provide a challenging hunt for both man and dog. With plenty of cover on our 800 acres of land in the beautiful Bitterroot River Valley, this quarry promises a fun, exiting, and challenging hunt, not soon forgotten. Let us put together a weekend of guided Pheasant hunting and native trout fishing for your ultimate corporate retreat. Letting you concentrate on the important things — building and growing relationships, and of course having fun, leaving a positive lasting impression.

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Flatwillow Creek Outfitters
371 Kiehl Ranch Road, Winnett, Montana 59087
Phone: (406) 429-5601

Join Flatwillow Creek Outfitters for an action packed, multi species Montana Bird Hunting adventure. While filming an episode of Bennelis American Bird Hunter with us, the legendary Tom Knapp named our multi species bird hunt the Flatwillow Creek Outfitters Grand Slam. We have four species of wild game birds which are all hunted on our Montana Bird Hunts. Come and hunt Pheasants, Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, and Hungarian Partridge.

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Forrester's Bighorn River Resort
Montana 313, Fort Smith, Montana 59035
Phone: (406) 666-9199

The drive into Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort can set the mind racing. Every fold in the landscape looks to be perfectly suited for Montana bird hunting. And in this case, you will be pleased to discover, looks are not deceiving. Thousands of acres of wheat fields, grasslands and coulees are reserved for the exclusive access of the guests of Forrester’s Bighorn River Resort. This is prime Montana wingshooting land designed for Ringneck Pheasant hunting, Hungarian Partridge hunting, and Sharptail Grouse hunting.

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Grey Cliffs Ranch
1915 Lakota Dr, Three Forks, Montana
Phone: (406) 285-6512

With 5,200 acres of scenic Montana landscape to explore, Grey Cliffs Ranch provides an amazing backdrop for some of the best upland bird hunting in the West. Ranch Manager and Lead Guide Chris Pfadt, along with his two German Shorthair Pointers, Katie and Hunter, guides guests through the property’s grasslands and irrigated crop fields divided by rocky, tree lined canyons that soar above the Madison River.

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Hoover Outfitting
Whitehall, Montana 59759
Phone: (406) 490-6864

Big sky country is Northeast Montana and here it seems the blue sky never ends. This remote countryside is home to those in agriculture. The result is phenomenal habitat for upland bird hunting. Countless Upland Birds fill the surrounding prairie. This perfect habitat provides staples such as snow berries, buffalo berries, and wheat. Native Sharp Tailed Grouse populations are as plentiful as anywhere in the country. Ring Neck Pheasant and Hungarian Partridge also thrive on the available food sources. We pursue wild birds in wild county. This area is one of largest wild prairie ecosystems in existence today.

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Joy of Hunting
10052 Floating Island Way, Shepherd, Montana 59079
Office: (406) 373-5200, Anne cell: (406) 208-5520

If you haven’t experienced Montana pheasant hunting before you are in for a first-class experience. The Dakotas get the ink, but that’s only because we Montanans are so soft spoken. Our pheasant hunt here at Shepherd offers explosive action in combination with fine dining, impeccable lodging if you are staying over, and a real Montana connection. We’ve never met a stranger. You are a friend from day one, just as your company and associates are. Call, text or email and we will customize a hunting/fishing experience for you that meets or exceeds your vision. Trading hunting stories in front of our fireplace on a crisp November evening is truly the stuff of memories!

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Milk River Outfitters
Post Office Box 35, Hinsdale, Montana 59241
Phone: (406) 648-5494

The sound of whistling wings, the cackle of a Rooster pheasant, the startling thump of a grouse taking flight are all available to Big Sky visitors with Milk River Outfitters. We cater to groups of four to six hunters to ensure that you receive a quality hunt. Whether you have your own dogs or not, we can help you in your quest for upland birds and waterfowl.

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Montana Bird Hunts
Bozeman, Montana 59717
Phone: (406) 223-5923

One of the exciting things about hunting upland birds in our area of Montana is that you can never be certain which of the six species you'll flush when walking in on the dog's point. Huns, sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, blue grouse, ruffed grouse and pheasant are available on our hunts. All are wild!

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Montana River Anglers
415 Blanchard View Drive, Whitefish, Montana 59937
Phone: (406) 862-3448

We offer a limited number of pheasant, sharp-tail grouse, and Hungarian partridge hunts. We hunt over both flushing and pointing dogs. Big Sky Country Cache, my male Brittany, does an outstanding job of pointing and retrieving Montana's wild pheasants. These hunts are offered on private land adjacent to the majestic Rocky Mountain Front.

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Montana Sporting Club
Belt, Montana 59412
Phone: (800) 605-8046

Some traditions don't need to be improved upon and a Montana ring-necked pheasant hunt is a prime example. For most of us, hunting is tradition passed from father to son and we respect this legacy by honoring the old ways. Frankly, it's a pleasure for The Montana Sporting Club to put exacting effort into providing a quality bird hunting experience. You and your canine companion will have a great experience. The hunt starts early with dawn breaking over the rolling prairie vista. Soon, the dogs will be be rushing into the brush and you'll need to be quick and sharp. Before you know it, hours will have passed and the dogs have assembled a respectable bounty of real, wild pheasant.

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Montana Wild
776 Hwy 10 West, Livingston, Montana 59047
Phone: (406) 224-1712

Upland Game Bird Preserve and Bird Farm and is part of the Yellowstone River / Gardiner drainage below the North entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Hundreds of acres of beautiful hunting areas available with specially designed food plots to ensure wild life propagation as well as planted game. Open to the public as a fully licensed shooting preserve from September 1 – March 31 with no general restrictions or bag limits! Currently we have corporate and private packages available to accommodate your hunting needs all season long. Our licensed game bird farm operates on our property as a separate entity offering ranch stocking programs, dog training, or any other upland game bird needs.

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Pigeye Outfiffers
6352 Pioneer Road, Moccasin, Montana 59462
Phone: (406) 423-5332

Our upland season begins here in central Montana on September 1st and runs through the end of the year. I seldom take hunters after the end of November due to the possibility of adverse weather. We offer combination hunts for a number of different species, which include the Hungarian partridges, sharptail grouse, mountain grouse, (including both blue and ruffed), ring neck pheasant and limited sage grouse. All our birds are from wild populations. Expert guides, knowledgeable of the areas and certified by the state will accompany you on all hunts. Two hunters per guide is normal, although other special arrangements can be made. These hunts do require a fair amount of walking, but we will tailor each hunt to the abilities and limitations of the hunter.

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Pro Outfitters
1902 Wilder Ave, Helena, Montana 59601
Phone: (406) 442-5489

The Sharptail Lodge was built right in the middle of 150,000 + acres of private farm and ranchland that is home to some of the most prolific wild bird habitat in the USA. The lack of development and vast tracts of native grass provides perfect habitat for our native sharptail grouse. Starting September 1st, our guests start the season off chasing sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge. In mid-October our pheasant season opens and our clients have a chance to harvest all three.

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Rimrock Valley Preserve
72 Limestone Lane, Great Falls, Montana 59405
Phone: (406) 590-1406

Picture yourself walking along the edge of a wheat field or a sharp draw. What’s next –the heart-stopping flush of a long-feathered rooster pheasant or the quick launch of a covey of Hungarian partridge? Rimrock Valley Preserve covers over 3,000 acres of native upland bird habitat in North Central Montana. We offer creek bottoms, brushy draws, rolling hills and a good mixture of hay, grain and CRP fields. 1,920 acres of Rimrock is a licensed shooting preserve. Our license allows us to release pen-raised pheasant and chukar partridge.

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Rooster Ridge Pheasant Club
16975 Roman Creek Rd. , Frenchtown, Montana 59834
Mike: (406) 370-5924

Welcome to the Rooster Ridge Pheasant Club website where you can hunt live pheasants in Missoula! Please visit the links above to learn more about pheasant hunting at Rooster Ridge Pheasant Club in Missoula, MT. Bring your dog to pheasant hunt in Missoula Montana at Rooster Ridge Pheasant Club!

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Sage Safaris
21004 St Joe Road, Havre, Montana 59501
Phone: (406) 219-4025

Sage Safaris brings you distinctive hunting experiences in the sagebrush plains of northern Montana. Uniquely, we never host more than 1 group at a time. This means that our vast stretches of private land and luxury campsite will be for your party's sole use during the entire length of your stay. Inspired by luxury African safari camps, our on-site accommodation is unique among hunting destinations. Each canvas wall tent sleeps 2 and is finished with wooden floors, real beds, a wood stove and safari furniture. There is a separate lodge at the camp which houses a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. Each tent has its own private wet room with permanent heating and a walk-in shower

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Sanborn's Fish Kreek Ranch
167 Franich Lane, Whitehall, Montana 59759
Phone: (406) 490-0641

We are constantly releasing birds so expect to see more birds than what we release for you during your experience at Sanborn’s Fish Kreek Ranch Preserve. We check on you regularly to make sure you are seeing birds and placing you in new hunting areas; weekends are the busiest for hunting pressure. We allow you to hunt either a half day or entire day. We find that most hunters can only walk about 4 hours, which constitutes a half day of hunting.

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Shoco Ranch
3506 Highway 435, Augusta, Montana 59410
Phone: (406) 562-3553

The Shortridge family has been ranching along the Smith River outside Augusta for nearly 100 years. The ranch has opened to people wanting to enjoy the dazzling scenery of the Rocky Mountain Front while reeling in trout known to locals to be both plentiful and feisty. Shoco Ranch?s private shooting preserve has ring neck pheasants that are considered the mustangs of pheasantry. Limits are likely with our variety of different covers, including gently rolling native grassland, a lightly wooded creek bottom and grassy meadows. For a change of pace you may also bag chukers. Our hunts are available from September thru March. Packages include the ranch cabins or in town facilities and hard flying beautiful healthy birds. Well trained gun dogs are welcome. Rates for Shoco Ranch Private Shooting Preserve: Call Shoco Ranch at 406-562-3553 or email for booking details.

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Silver Bow Club
4000 Maiden Rock Rd., Divide, Montana 59727
Phone: (406) 491-2157

The Silver Bow Club is the ultimate hunting destination for upland birds. We offer full or half Father and Son Pheasant Hunting Vacation in Montana on the Big Hole Riverday guided hunts. Both of these options include a bag limit that can be extended for an additional price. We also offer unguided hunts on our property. Reserve a pheasant hunting trip on our 1800 acre Montana ranch. The ranch features hay meadows, marshy areas and craggy slopes. But there’s one more thing…you can even bring your own dog! No trip would be complete without your best hunting buddy. We provide kennels for visiting bird dogs.

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Swan Safaris
624 Fort Lane NE, Fairfield, Montana 59436
Phone: (406) 868-6918

Swan Safaris is pleased to offer through our purchase of Lewis & Clark Bird Hunting Guide, some of the best upland game bird hunting that Montana has to offer. Swan Safaris provides expert guide services and well trained dogs as well as other amenities of a first class wing shooting operation. Montana upland bird hunting has a long season, it runs from September 1 to January 1. Bag limits are generous: Hungarian Partridge known as “Huns” 8 per day; Sharptail Grouse 4 per day; Pheasant 3 per day, and; Sage Grouse 2 per day.

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Tillman's Bed and Breakfast
1512 Colorado, Malta, Montana 59538
Phone: (406) 658-2154

he birds are all wild and in the early season the most abundant birds are the native sharptail, hun, and sage grouse. Pheasant season starts mid October. There is plenty of public land available in the area and Tillmans has access to thousands of acres of ranch and farmland that is rich in upland birds, and pheasants. We maintain excellent hunting throughout the entire season by taking only a limited number of hunters and rotating between several different areas.

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Twin Creek Ranch
2074 East Bench Road, Winnet, Montana 59087
Phone: (406) 429-5615

For those who are uninterested in the high-volume lodges and pen raised birds. Twin Creek Ranch's guests enjoy one of the most private hunting ranches in North America. You are given exclusive access to 19,000 acres of our private land in the heart of Montana, which includes 7 miles of river bottoms, grain fields, badlands, sage brush flats and CRP creating prime habitat for ideal hunting conditions.

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Two Leggins Outfitters
HC36 Box 2120, Hardin, Montana 59034
Phone: (406) 665-2825

Two Leggins Outfitters has over 5,000 acres of private ranch hunting for just upland game bird hunting which includes Pheasant, Sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge and some Chukar. This is real hunting with REAL wild birds. If you want to fill your limit in an hour then you need to pay more money and pretend that the fancy place you are hunting doesn’t go out and place the birds in front of your path an hour before you get there. We hunt hard for our wild birds and can sleep at night telling the truth.

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