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Pheasant Hunting Ethics

This is a subject that is sensitive, touchy and often contains many grey areas. A general overview of the word ethic is:

"Ethics is a general term for what is often described as the "science (study) of morality". In philosophy, ethical behavior is that which is "good" or "right." The Western tradition of ethics is sometimes called moral philosophy. This is one part of value theory (axiology) - the other part is aesthetics - one of the four major branches of philosophy, alongside metaphysics, epistemology, and logic." - source-Wikipedia

Therefore, hunting ethics really comes down to an individual's personal ethic and moral values. In regards to pheasant hunting, this ethic may be questioned based on the hunter's adherence or understanding of local and state hunting laws. Peer pressure also plays into the decision making process too.

Today's ever shrinking habitat and natural resources demand that we respect our environment, and do all we can to ensure that it remains or increases for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts. We need to be proactive in land and game management practices, and this means abiding by the laws! Joining a conservation group such as Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, The National Wild Turkey Federation and others will ensure that there is indeed a future for hunting and that the youth of today will pick up where we leave off and continue the tradition.