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Corporate Pheasant Hunts

By Ryan Trask
Ultimate Pheasant Hunting

Corporate pheasant hunting ideas, checklist and booking information

Corporate Pheasant Hunt

Pheasant hunting has become commercial and it's growing in popularity with corporations as a legitimate business expense to rejuvenate employees.

The camaraderie in the field is something that sometimes cannot be generated in the office. Ideas grow stronger, teamwork is re-born, and people can forget that monstrous "to do pile" on their desk.

Once you get out in the field, you have one thing on your mind: shooting roosters. You had better make sure your skills are honed because if you are shooting poorly, chances are you are going to get some grief from your business associates back at the office.

Don't make your hunting trip another meeting, make it an event, snap a few photos, and revitalize your most important asset... your employees.

Corporate Pheasant Hunt Checklist

Here is a checklist of things that an outfitter should provide for your company or things to think about for your corporate pheasant hunting trip.

Corporate Pheasant Hunt 1. Lodging

  • Total capacity of lodge
  • Rooms available
  • Hunters per room

2. Things to do

  • Big screen TV
  • Pool table
  • Poker table or chips
  • Alcohol & bar
  • Hot tub
  • Local attractions

Corporate Pheasant Hunt 3. Business Amenities

  • Internet/wireless
  • Laser jet printer
  • Fax machine
  • Projector
  • Copier
  • Office supplies
  • Microphone
  • Sound system
  • White board
  • Tables and chairs
  • Conference room

Corporate Pheasant Hunt 4. Hunting Items (Not Included)

  • Shotgun
  • Rifle for prairie dog, coyote or deer (Optional)
  • Blaze orange upland vest or coat
  • Blaze orange cap or stocking hat
  • Chaps/upland pants
  • Game strap (If no upland vest)
  • Sunglasses/shooting glasses (Must have)

5. Other Hunting Items (Usually Included - Check with Outfitter)

  • Licenses and/or stamps
  • Shotgun shells (patterned) - Steel and/or lead
  • Sporting clays

6. Dogs (If bringing dogs - Check with Outfitter)

  • Electronic dog collar
  • Beeper collar
  • Dog boots
  • Dog vest
  • Tummy protector
  • Dog whistles
  • Pocket knife
  • EMT Gel
  • Water bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Dog water
  • Dog treats
  • Rabies vet certification
  • Location/Directions of closest vet

Corporate Pheasant Hunting Outfitters

Here is a list of our feature pheasant hunting outfitters that will accommodate corporate pheasant hunts. Just read over the outfitters profile pages on what they offer and contact them by email or phone to request a call back from them. We have several quality outfitters on, so you shouldn't need to look elsewhere in your search.