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Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting

Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting
Jason Ostrander
2145 Sunflower St
Casper, WY 82609

Contact Info:
Phone: (307) 267-2559

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Wild Pheasant Hunting in Wyoming is a real treat because unlike the Dakotas our state wildlife agency does not release pen raised pheasants everywhere, so when you hunt one of our private lease properties you know your getting truly wild pheasants. Grey Reef Wingshooting has leased thousands of acres of private property that is being actively farmed so you will hunt a variety of cover and grain fields for wild pheasants as well as other upland species. These private farms are not groomed like a preserve so the hunting is very authentic and the birds are wild. These properties give you the option for a great wild Wyoming pheasant hunt. We also have four seperate preserve properties set up that have both wild and released birds on them for our cooperate groups that want to do more shooting and fill limits quickly. Combination Wyoming hunts for Pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, and Sharp Tailed Grouse make for a great day in the field.