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Pheasant Vegetable Soup



This recipe is just a throw together kind of thing. There is no need to rush to the store to buy any of it. If you don't have any leave it out. Exact amounts are not needed and you can leave out about anything and add anything you want. As long as you have tomato soup and a pheasant and some vegetables you are fine. Boil pheasant in water in a big pot until done. Save the broth or whatever is left in the pot. Measure it out in a measuring cup. If you have less than 5 cups add enough water to make 5. Having more is fine. Add about 3-5 cans of tomato soup. Follow the recipe on the can exept add about half the water it calls for(since we left in the water from boiling.) Tear the pheasant into managable bitesize pieces and add it to the soup. Add about 3 tablespoons chicken bouilion if you have any. If your wife cooks she should have some in the cupboard. It is not necesary if you don't have any. Suggested vegetables include corn, diced tomatoes, cut up potatoes, carrots, celery, onion/(or the dried stuff you can buy),green pepper, and any other vegetables you want into it. All vegetables are optional. Canned vegetables work just as well as fresh or maybe even better. They make it easy to make. Add any seasonings you want. Garlic and onion powder taste good. The soup should look really runny. It will boil down. Add enough chicken broth, tomato soup, and water to keep it runny. Boil on low heat(just enough to keep it on a low boil) until vegetables are soft(at least 1 and a half hours). This will make a lot of soup. It tastes just as good or better the second day. Leftovers are expected. Refrigerate it and heat it up again. This works well with chicken instead of pheasant also.

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