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Thread: reserve hunt in indiana

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    Lightning may have struck twice but it didn't translate into anywhere NEAR the hunt last week. Saw 10 birds total.........3 roosters and shot only 2 with 3 guys and 3 dogs. These birds had their track shoes on and we did nothing but excersize them in this field. We had 2 points and 2 solid flushes. The rest were way out there. This was the Geshwein property off of 750 S. just south of Boswell. If you have this property on a future draw........STAY IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, i went on my hunt about 7mi. east of Fowler this weekend. Flushed nothing but hens. Talked to the guys across the road and they had nothing but roosters. All in all, had a good day. Dog did extremely well and I was pleased with him. Glad i at least got some good dog work in.


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