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    2 years ago in SD we shot a few and swung back by the truck leaving our birds on the hood. We walked a shelter belt and some crp in a semi circle to arrive back to the trucks. As I was coming back I had a good view of the truck with the birds on it. Something didn't quite look right as we approached. One of those first birds we shot was standing in the middle of the hood looking around. When we got closer it hopped down and into a hedgerow it went. The bird didn't make it far, my lab saw it and caught it within a few feet. I generally ring their necks but I guess it was one I didn't shoot or I forgot. Lesson learned.

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    I shot a pheasant earlier this year, rung its neck, and put it in my vest. Hunt a few hours, went back to the truck threw the birds on the ground. Took some pictures of me, the dogs, and the birds. Loaded up the dogs and rest of my gear. Went to grab the birds, one of them jumps up and takes off running. Now I got no gun out, dogs are already loaded and I have to chase this damn bird across an open field. Needless to say the fellas that were just arriving rolled out of their truck laughing. Not my finest moment but I caught that rooster. lol...... Rung his neck better the second time.

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    Opening day this year I was hunting waste high grass in a CRP field. I was going up a hill when I stepped on something soft. It made a noise like a dog's sqeekie toy. I jumped off thinking it was a racoon or a skunk. Out of the grass shot a rooster. His day got even worse when I shot him at about 10 yards away. I could not believe that rooster could take my full weight (230 lb with gun and gear) and not break any bones. That would be like an elephant steping on you and then getting up and running away. They are mighty tough.

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    Three years ago I had shot my limit around noon, left the birds in my vest, and tossed it in the back seat of my Jeep Cherokee while I headed back to town - about a 50 mile drive. My lab Spencer was in the very back of the Cherokee, behind the back seat. About a half-hour down the highway, I heard a commotion in the back seat. I assumed it was Spence, and glanced in my rear-view mirror to see what he was up to, just in time to see a damned rooster jump up to the top of the back of the seat! I came to a quick stop on the side of the road, and assessed the situation; dog is still dead tired and sleeping, and I'm worried if I open a door, the bird will escape. I tried to reach back and grab it, but it jumped down behind with the dog, where I couldn't reach it. Spence finally woke up, but made no move on the bird - probably was so far out of his element he didn't now what to do. I finally got out, opened the back door and basically jumped on/smothered the darn bird - rung his neck (again) very vigorously, and stuck him back in the vest, laughing the whole time! And they say cats have nine lives...
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