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Thread: Handy to have if you have a bird dog

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    I came across this a few years ago. It is very handy to have if your hunting in state or out of state. Its a list of all vets in each state in the country. Just click the state link and print it off. I just put it in a folder and leave it in the truck. You never know when you will need it or how fast you might need a vet. Going to give Iowa a try on Sat with my 10yr old Yellow Lab. I know the numbers are down, but to drive to Western Minnesota, and deal with tons of hunters, Id rather take my chances in the Hawkeye state with less hunters and the same amount of miles. Have a good day guys

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    Cool you just made life easier for everyone. The guy's were just talking about getting all of us to put a list togeather. Thanks for saving everyone all the trouble.

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    See my post to the same thread under "South Dakota". The list of vets if very old and outdated.

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    Sorry about that. I didnt know they were. It's the only full state list I could find on the net

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    Thanks for posting. The ones I checked are on there. Perhaps because they are established. If someone is concerned they could call in advance.

    If someone has an emergency vet list please post it. They are the ones that are going to be open on weekends and have a higher chance of carrying snake bite anti venin.


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