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Thread: High quality dog food

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    I use Purina One out of the grocery store. It's high in protein (26%) and available everywhere. Both my dogs have had excellent health and stools on it. Using dog food that is not readily available everywhere seems to inevitably lead to the situation where you have to buy some dog food in the grocery store wherever you happen to be when you run out of the usual. That can make the dog sick and is bad news on a hunting trip. The idea that grain in dog food is "filler" is mistaken. Grain is good for dogs. Farm dogs voluntarily eat grain and the dog food that vets sell has grain in it. Dogs don't need meat from good cuts. The cheap meat and meat by products in dog food is very nutritious even though we would not eat it ourselves. No need to worry about hormones from chicken. It is illegal to give chickens hormones in the U.S. while it is legal to give them to cattle. Have a healthy and energetic hunting season.
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