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Thread: English pointer with docked tail??

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    Default English pointer with docked tail??

    I recently started working with a pointer rescue who takes a lot of “overflow dogs” off the plantations in GA/AL. I brought a EP female home to work with. The dog was cowering in her kennel, urinating on herself and jumping at any noise/movements. She has been with me for a week. She eats from my hand, walks well on a leash and recently opened up enough to point a dove in the field. Anyways what really confused me is that she has a docked tail. I mean completely gone just a nub. Anyone know why this would be done? I’m thinking her being terrified of everything could be due to her not reacting well to gunfire exposure. And then ended up getting thrown away in a sense.

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    Can’t help wit the tail. But our current dog had a lot of the same issues. She’s a great ESS bird dog today. Time and patience.


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