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    I am looking to re-home a 1 year old female dog. She is spayed (which we did not do) and is red and white. We do not have the resources or knowledge to put her on birds. She's extremely Birdy and would be a project. Her obedience isn't bad and she is conditioned to an ecollar but needs more work. We got her from a rescue but later found out she came from AL off a plantation. Also has been DNA tested and she is not a Irish setter cross like we were told she is 2/3 pointer 1/3 Lew. Unfortunately she is not a fit for our house. We were looking for a dog who could have an off switch. At this point it's unfair for her, she is great when she has space to run and point birds but not so much as an indoor dog. We are located in South Carolina but are willing to meet half way or shipping can be considered. She does not have a rehoming fee as long as she goes to the right place. I will not rehome as anything but a hunting prospect. My contact info is 386 410 0921.

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    Pics might be helpful ... Hope you find a good home. That's an interesting cross and may become a versatile hunter.
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