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Thread: Hulls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kismet View Post
    Things are changing, perhaps inevitably, with less stewardship for the properties we hunt on; or so it seems to me.
    Maybe I'm misinterpreting your remarks, but I see MORE interest in collecting spent shells than in the past. Stewardship with regard to spent shells seems to be improving. For the record, I'm like most on here. I try to pick them up, but don't get them all and try to pick up a few left by others as well.

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    3 pages on picking up guys are very conscientious. I pick up all I can, probably more about not letting the next public land visitor know that there was something around to shoot at, than some great sense of cleaning up the environment.

    If you want to pick up hulls, go to a public dove shoot. I picked up a trash bag full last september 1st.

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    Even if you miss a few of your own -- by all means pickup others that are laying around. I've found most landowners are annoyed by seeing spent shells on their property.


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