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Thread: We’re hunting hard

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    Default We’re hunting hard


    Hitting last few days hard. Got a bird Saturday and had luck today. Seen lots of hens!

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    Good deal. Nice to see someone in OH getting some.

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    Going back for redemption and hunt the rest of the new “hot” spot tomorrow morn with my Dad. We shall see! Got a line on another honey hole for Saturday. I’m hunting the rest of the week out. Went to a great spot this morning and got blanked. Around 100 acres! Gonna try it again tomorrow evening. Gotta be birds in there

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    Gotta cockbird this morning, saw 2 hens and my Pop missed a wild flush cockbird. Still rather disappointed with this spot. 285 acres! Creek, woods, wetlands, looks like a paradise but only seen 4 birds. Had 2 good dogs a goin too.


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