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Well I am here now on my first Kansas trip. I have hunted NE and SD extensively the past 5 years and Kansas has always been a drive thru state for me.

I am now seeing it probably should stay that way. What is going on the WIHA program here? I am hunting out of Oakley in NW as of now and I bet I looked at a 60-70 mile square unit south of Colby and west to goodland and I bet 95% of the posted WIHA spots are plowed fields?

Is this typical for the rest of the state? I guess I have been spoiled by the incredible program Nebraska has had going the past few years with there walk in areas.

As for birds, we walked 2 of the only CRP half decent cover fields we found and did move a few pheasants, no quail though.
You will run into a lot of that type of ground. Disced fields are pretty worthless even for waterfowl unless your in an area with waterfowl and they are using that particular field.

Takes lots of miles to find a few good spots.