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Thread: 2019 Reports

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    Agreed with the later start and finish date. I assume that part of the reason for that being that MN is further North and would, in theory, have crops come out earlier than down South. I avoid the first couple of weeks of the season because of the potential for temps in the 60's or even 70's. About 20 years ago the temps for SD opener shot up in the 80's and many dogs died from overheat. It happened to be near drought like conditions that year and so the normal potholes and low spots that would hold water in previous seasons were all dried up. Hunters were caught unprepared and didn't have enough water or the ability to find a water hole to cool off. There were many broken hearts in the field as dogs began to overheat almost immediately and many died as a result. It was a big story at the time. and I'm sure there are guys on this board that remember or were there at the time. I'm glad I was not out there during that opener as I'm not sure I would have made the right decision and not taken my dog into the field.
    With that said, it was almost 45 in Iowa yesterday as I closed out my season.
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    Need to be careful of small potholes in early season (when warm). Blue-green algae blooms kill dogs too.

    If you do not like the opener date ... don't go. I actually like the opening date and I chose not to go (crowds). But I do hunt later in October and like the idea that opener is long gone.

    I prefer the season end no later than 1st weekend in January. Birds do not need to be pushed out of cover as winter sets in hard. Let them go into winter survival mode. If you want to extend the season, run down to NE or KS both has seasons that run to January 31st. Those states have a much different winter weather pattern.

    MN ruffed grouse season is similar in that it opens before the best hunting prospects occur.

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    I have come to prefer the early opening of the season for somewhat selfish reasons. Most hunters here in Iowa only hunt the first few weeks of the season when the majority of the crops are still standing and roosters are hard to locate. By the time the corn is picked, there is little competition for the majority of the years birds that are now forced to move into the public hunting areas.


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