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    My 6 yr old springer has developed arthritis in his right hind leg in the ankle area. This year it seems to be swelling much more than in the past after an hour of running (non hunting), and limping around some later in the day (up and down stairs). Last yr while hunting I give him a deramaxx daily, and never noticed any limping or swelling at all. Anyone have any experience with this issue, any suggestions or advice for treatment would be appreciated. I plan on using deramaxx for hunting this yr but hoping someone has dealt successfully with this and has some other options.

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    The tarsus (ankle) has multiple bones and multiple ligaments in it. Ligaments get strained or partial avulsed from attachments. Kiss injuries to the cartilage or bones of the tarsus happens as well in athletic dogs. Flexor tendons can be issues as well. Take him in and get an exam and X-rays.

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    had x-rays taken the other day, they showed fairly extensive arthritus

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    Sorry to hear that. Limited therapeutic options in that circumstance. Tarsal fusion is an option for pain management. Won’t increase function and would still have lameness. Kinda left with medical management your dermax and other drugs for pain like gabapentin and tramadol (can be hit or miss in working). Could try adequan injections, if your okay with needles you can give the injections at home. Swimming to reduce pounding for training. Icing post training. There are a few other options but results are very hit and miss.

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    You can manage the pain with Deramaxx or I've had good results using Rimadyl in a similar situation. Bad news is that your dog is probably done hunting. Best of luck to your and your dog.
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