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Thread: Dog mat for back of crewcab truck

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    Default Dog mat for back of crewcab truck

    Hey, I was just wondering about a good suggestion for a dog mat/bed/blanket for the back of a crewcab F150? Dogs would be a 4 year field golden she's average size, or sometimes a female brittany who is smaller. I saw a coleman one that looked nice at the store, but didn't buy because I figured I'd check here first.

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    Are you looking for a protective seat cover type? I have a Mud River for the backseat of my Suburban and like it a lot. Its tough with good coverage.

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    I also use a mudriver. I bought it for a f-250 crew cab- I like that it covers the seat edges and floor really well. The only thing I would change is that mine doesn't have holes /exits for a seat belt to pass through. I have kids so its kind of a pain to have to remove it when they ride in the truck. I do like the material(its kind of like waxed cotton) it is made of-it's waterproof and it's easy to get the hair out of it. I can pull it out of the truck, snap it in the wind a couple of times and clip it back in place pretty quick and 98% of the hair is gone.


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