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Thread: Letís hear about opening day

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    French Spaniel?

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    Sunday oct 27th hit public ground nw of aberdeen. shot 1 rooster within first 5 minutes. flushed 3 grouse off of it. moved onto a couple more wpaís. holy water ever where, thick with Jesus ducks, gadwalls pintails and mallards. saw 1 other rooster and a hen pheasant that couldn't have been over 10 weeks old.

    monday oct 28th. moved down towards huron hit a wpa there. combines were starting to get soybeans out. again water everywhere. thankfully we brought chest waders had to retrieve 4 of the birds in waste deep water, the 1/4Ē ice was tough on the dogs and cut em up. went west from there hit up a gpa towards sundown near harold. lots of hunters over there. shot 3 more hunting the edge of the corn last hour of light. great way to end the day.

    tuesday oct 29th. private ground west of pierre. 5 man limit in 2 hours.

    i would say bird numbers as we went south in the state got better. we didn't hunt south of huron. they were harvesting beans and sunflowers the last 2 days in the miller area.

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    Default Opening weekend

    By far best opener for our group in 6 years. Son had his 3 roosters by 1pm. I missed the first 3 before righting the ship. Took me to 3pm to get my birds. My pops took all day but we managed to get him his birds as well. He stays real close to the rd, if not on it. Probably saw 200 birds 40-50 roosters all on public land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKChunter View Post
    Awesome, we had 4 guys one Lab. He worked hard with all the water around. Ended up leaving today around 2, 5 birds in the truck. Saw 15-20 roosters.
    Awesome.Sounds like sd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gthartiii View Post
    Well said!
    That, is extremly thrifty hunting!!

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