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Thread: Upcoming Pheasant Season

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    Default Upcoming Pheasant Season

    How do you guys feel about bird numbers this year?

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    Oh, I feel real good about the bird numbers bigredgolf, first I’ll harvest rooster number one, then rooster number two and then rooster number three etc. I’ve got plenty of numbers for the birds I’ll see. . Shoot straight my friend.
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    I think it will be average. Montana, has been hit hard by adverse conditions.

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    A couple landowners I have spoken with in Yuma County (that's as close to where the report is from that I will share) have said bird numbers look at least as good as last year, but the hatches were later. Lots of immature birds out there right now, so roosters will be smaller, and some may not have all their color by Opening Weekend. But, numbers are encouraging, at least where I hunt.


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