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Thread: Incoming storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by benelli-banger View Post
    lots of weeds in fields that didn't get planted...lots of standing corn...lots of good cover...first storm of the year, shouldn't be too hard on them...time will tell...
    There is a ton of thick cover everywhere and they dont need to move much to get into food either. The field conditions couldn't be better for them to weather the storm.

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    West of Watertown, we got a foot of snow and there is standing water everywhere. Snow should be gone by Wednesday if all goes as foretasted. Opening weekend is temps should be in the 50's. So what can you expect... Don't expect much corn to be harvested. Maybe a little silage and wet corn will be done but 95% of the corn will be in the field. Soybeans maybe 10 to 15% will be harvested and the farmers will be chopping on the bit to get them combined as soon as the ground is dry enough to roll. Expect every ditch to and every low spot to have standing water or be extremely soft.

    Pheasants made it through the storm fine. Expect them to be in the corn and thick cover. If you have the chance to scout, observe CRP next to standing corn at about 5pm in my area you will see the birds fly to the CRP at almost the exact spot everyday plus or minus 20 minutes. Oh and expect a few more raccoons and skunks. WE have had a ton of frogs this summer which always led to more rodents. Just my two cents SDViking

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    My report from Sat and Sun was abysmal. FiL hunted both days at public land that was lights out last year...saw and killed a single rooster. He's praying they are in the corn.


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