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10 years ago before so much land got posted up in the Garrison area and before the drought decimated numbers, road hunting was a LOT of fun. Birds were everywhere early morning and late evening drying off or scratching gravel along the roads. You could bag a lot of birds with short exciting walks. Now, with so much land posted (including the ditches that go with them) and low bird numbers, this is my first year since 2002 I am skipping North Dakota. Very sad actually.
That's what I was thinking. I worked in Sargeant County for a few months and holy cow I have never seen so many roosters! (Grew up in SW Iowa and have lived in the brookings SD area for the last few seasons) I still plan to head up to ND next weekend for hopefully some decent results. When I worked in ND I would talk to co-workers who said they had also quit hunting in ND as well due to low numbers. Maybe it's all perspective?