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Thread: First day hunting over the weekend

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    Default First day hunting over the weekend

    I had been training my dog for a while now and decided to take him out on a first day of bird hunting for both of us. I decided that we would go after Dusky Grouse in 9-10k elevation. Long story short, the dog did great, we found 3 birds, I got 2 shots off, and missed both. But just finding the birds and hiking around the beautiful scenery was enough for me. Can't wait to get back out.


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    Well done, Brian. grouse hiking (hunting) was once one of my favorite things when my Spaniel was still alive. birds are indeed hard to find, but once you know where they are, they tend to be there year after year. What breed of dog do you have ?
    Jim s

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    Thanks for the reply, Jim. My dog is a 1-year-old rescue who is half black lab and half Boxer, of all things. I was always skeptical that this would work out. But he worked really hard and never gave up. Made me proud, despite my poor shooting.


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