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Thread: Upland Forecast

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    Odd thing is, those WIHA's fields next to CSA that I have hunted, not a single bird flushed. Dogs never got birdie either. Would of thought they would be overloaded.

    Wonder if KS CSA birds also has to marked?

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    I believe the CSA hunts can be detrimental to the wild birds. In an area we have hunted for over 20 years, a CSA group got a CRP walk-in by paying more for the lease than the state. That CRP field was a nesting area for the local birds. Now CRP field get hunted with the put-in-birds and when a hen gets up they don't know it was native and it gets shot. The surrounding area has had a major decline in the wild pheasant population area over the last 8 or so years. It is my theory that the wild birds used the CRP to nest and general cover and the native hens get hammered there.
    Just my opinion.

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    Not going to lie, here in the SC part of the state, it's bleak at best.
    We've been out to some of our normal spots several times and we have yet to see a pheasant. We saw them in April and early May before the rains, but after the floods, we haven't seen birds in months.

    The worst part of the equation is seeing spots you've always had permission to hunt which have been decimated by the floods or aged out of the CRP program. I haven't been this discouraged since the drought years of 2011 and 2012.



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