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Thread: Northwestern North Dakota opportunity

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    I usually don’t make it to the NW corner but heard really good reports last year. We trekked over once but ran into weather that made it almost impossible to hunt. I think it is posted up but mostly for deer hunters so access always is better after that is over. We did get a lot of rain the past couple of weeks, should be dry in a couple of days at least on the ND side. Never have went SE but maybe this year I’ll have to check it out.

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    I Know the rain has been crazy in Central part of the state, We had 7 inches in 3+ weeks, a lot of roads and trails are in tuff shape. I know my renter said he would do his best to fix the roads and trails he messed up while harvesting. I know he is just finishing up wheat this week, that he started in the middle of august. I think the harvest will be much later this year in the central part of the state. but I am hearing good reports on pheasant numbers.



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