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Thread: California Ammo Background Checks

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    Default California Ammo Background Checks

    Anyone go through the process? I went through it. What a mess. I am not in the CA DOJ system because I have not purchased a firearm since background checks went into affect. It was a mess. Too much to get into detail now

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    Yeah, the check took about 10 mins, I went to a Big5, The manager was the only person allowed to run the check. I was ready for the process and was very patient and curious about what info they needed. I had purchased a firearm last year, so I was in the system. Make sure you have ID with Physical address, that seemed the most important issue to the lady. She told me that it will be easier once I have the new federal ID, which is next year for me. The manager lady made the process fairly painless, for me anyway, but she said it takes a bit of time and most people are impatient and pissed off about the law, then take it out on her. I set aside the time, with the thought that I was gonna walk out with no ammo. I'll say this much, ammo was hard to find and was lucky that they had one case of what I needed and it had just came in. She told me to stock up, so to keep from having to go through the process too often. I have since ordered enough for a bit.
    My advice, Don't take your frustrations out on the sales people, write your congressman and give them a piece of your mind. There has to be a form letter you could print and send to them.
    California still has a lot to offer, Just have to wade through the BS to get to the Meat.


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