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Thread: What time of the day do you hunt different cover?

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    Default What time of the day do you hunt different cover?

    I always wondered what time of the day you’re supposed to switch up the cover. I know first think in the morning the rule of thumb is the grassier fields, but at “what time” should you switch to a milo field? Do the same general guidelines apply?

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    Jon - good question - I am a bit of a rookie myself - I have read mixed things in regards to your question. I am I looking forward to folks on the forum responding. Thanks for putting it out there!

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    In my experience I've found the birds leave roost to feed around mid-morning, loaf around in early afternoon, feed again early evening before flying back into roost a dusk. Middle of the day always seems to produce the fewest birds as they tend to be scattered and often hand out in thin cover where the run rather than fly.

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    You can find birds anywhere at anytime. If it looks good hunt it. They will generally head to feed before sun up and head to roost after shooting hours, but you can find them anywhere at anytime.

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    After hunting these birds for 35 years I have found that birds will
    Go to grain early soon after shooting hours. I will hunt grain next to crp
    If possible or patchy draws next to grain. Later I will hit corners or grader ditches
    Next to grain then hit the thickest stuff I can find twenty yards or so in off of
    Of grain field. During the day after morning feeding birds will hang out around
    The edges then hour before SUNY is the best time I like to hunt birds going back into
    Fields to feed.

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    I think alot depends on the weather. As a general rule birds are going to feed early and late and be in loafing cover midday. Precipitation or extreme temps can cause these habits to vary slightly.


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