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Thread: Broods and overall nesting conditions

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    Default Broods and overall nesting conditions

    What are people seeing for nesting and brood numbers? How drastic do you think the wet weather has been on nesting success this year. I have seen some chicks in South Central MN but not huge broods. There is so much water around it is crazy.

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    Wet year, but I guess not too cold ... A warm & drier August would be nice for 2nd hatches.
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    I am heading out for a scouting trip this weekend, I will report back on what i see, if anything.

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    I had my dog out 5 times this summer on cooler mornings.

    One day, we did flush 11 birds. One was a very young rooster. It was not fully colored.

    10 were from a later hatch. They were fully flighted and about the size of large quail.

    I think that I saw birds from two different hatch periods.


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