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    another Iowa uplander here just saying hi. followed this forum for awhile and just decided to be a bit more active on here. I love chasing birds all over and watching the dogs work.

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    Welcome. What part of IA? What are seeing as far as signs of a successful hatch and such? Hunted IA quite a few years but it has been probably 6-7 since I’ve been there.

    Planning on detouring through to a few places this fall on the return from SD as I have a couple special places that I want to leave a few ashes at. There are two spots with memories ingrained in my mind where we hunted the first year with Copper that undoubtedly helped make him the bird dog he eventually became. Remember them like they were yesterday and can’t think of a better place for part of him to always be at. Maybe some day part of me will join him back there in those spots. Sorry for the off topic response.

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    im in south central. it appears our quail have taken a big hit from the winter, but pheasants are still on the up swing from what we are seeing here. i have seen multiple hens with chicks as of late, and my farmer buddies are saying they are seeing alot (but take their word with a grain of salt lololol


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