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Thread: New member from South Dakota.

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    Default New member from South Dakota.

    South Dakota resident and new small landowner with a quarter(160) and a 40. Do very little bird hunting as I concentrate on deer mainly archery. I spend alot of time, effort, and money trying to benefit wildlife and have since built up a pheasant Haven. In the three years of owning the land i let one friend hunt my property each year after deer season closes in December one time per season, other than that it's their safe place. I have alot of trouble with road hunters so figured I would join and see how guys on the forum handle themselves and if there's something I can do different to help the issues. Also have debated on letting a group lease opening weekend or possibly a weekend in December to help make payments, recoup some of the habitat costs, and thin the birds down as there are hundreds of them on the 40 all fall.

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    Welcome to UPH. What part of the state are from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotazeb View Post
    Welcome to UPH. What part of the state are from?
    Thanks. Grew up in the se part of the state currently live north central.

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    Welcome to the site. Ultimately I think you will have to weigh out the pros and cons and what is best for you and your property. Lowering the number of roosters going through winter is beneficial though to the overall population. Thanks for what you do in regards to habitat and giving the birds a safe place to prosper. North central is a wide area but that is where we hunt and it is beautiful country.

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    Definitely pros and cons and the roosters do get to thick out back in management terms especially towards winter. Wish there was a upload photo option on the reply and I would post a random trail cam pic with a few feeding.


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