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    Spent the week upgrading the "Pheasant Hunter's Cabin" Had pheasants crowing in the background as we installed the HDTV Antenna.
    New windows, front door, pizza oven, picnic table, even added washer and dryer... all the amenities. 6 beds ready to go for the fall. Looks like more Private Land Open to Sportsman in the area for those that want to wear out some boot leather. Counted Rooster about every mile or two as we traveled from Mott to Dickinson yesterday, so hopes are high.
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    Soo is this something youre renting out or just for your use? What area is it in?

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    Yes Mike, we rent it out to folks that hunt in SW North Dakota. We are between Elgin and Mott North Dakota. Better than a motel, dogs welcome and you have the ability to make meals. We can send some further info to folks that are interested. No guiding, your on your own to find ground, hunt PLOTS or public.

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    We now have booked our regular guests that stay a week at a time. Do have some dates left during the week in October and November.

    $40 per night per hunter.


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