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Thread: Custom Dog Trailer For Sale

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    Default Custom Dog Trailer For Sale

    Custom Dog Trailer - All metal construction. $950

    Located in Knoxville TN

    4 individual boxes each side.

    Overall dog box is 9 feet long by 4 feet wide by 20 inches high.

    Front box each side is 26 inches long.

    Two middle boxes each side are 332 inches long.

    Rear box each side is 16 inches long. I typically use these 2 for storage.

    Storage box on top is 46 inches long by 20 inches high by 36 inches wide..
    Tires are 205 75R14 in good shape. Spare is new.

    Ventilation control front and rear by sliding doors.
    Each dog door has a deflector to reduce wind and rain.
    Entire box can be removed from trailer.

    Its been a great trailer and has never let me down on many trips to SD. I'm just down to 3 dogs and don't need it anymore. We've had it for about 15 years
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    Middle 2 boxes are 32 inches long


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