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Thread: Stevens 555E 16 gauge

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    Default Stevens 555E 16 gauge

    Just stumbled across adds for them on GunBroker. Any body have one yet? I never knew they existed & am curious to see & try one on.

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    made in Turkey, good field gun, not top shelf but will get the job done.

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    Does anyone have a 555 of any gauge on here? They don't get a good review on sgw. I am curious how your opinion of them are. Thanks
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    One of my hunting buddy has one. It's in 12ga and he likes it. He said it's on the light side- easier to carry in the field. But because it is lighter than his other shotguns, you'll notices a little more recoil.
    There are good & bad reviews. He said the gun has never given him any problems, and he's happy with it.


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