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Thread: How to retrieve birds without a dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by A5 Sweet 16 View Post
    What am I missing? It's just giving suggestions on how to find downed birds if you're dogless. Where's the controversy?
    I'm not sure what got him banned but if you look at his previous posts the majority are a link to the "bird hunting society" site and a few to another site. Not sure what his motive was in posting those links without any other interaction on the thread.
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    "our group" is usually good about 'triangulating' where the bird goes down at. I'll get a line on it, dad will get a line on it, brother in law a line on it. Where the lines meet is where the bird is. If it goes down with a good leg though and not dead, I really wish for the dog I had as a kid that was deadly on cripples. Brother in laws lab is turning into a good replacement though.

    Often we'll hang a hat on a tall weed to mark the area so as our search widens we at least know where we started.

    Many a times a lone feather was enough to get us where the bird was. Have to take into account where the wind blew that feather from though as it fell to earth.

    Newbies that sometimes hunt in 'our group' often are confused the first time we take off running to where a bird fell while they're looking around and congratulating each other on the shot that dropped a bird with a good leg and his head up ready for the track meet.

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