Some of you may be aware that our governor ( a staunch supporter of both hunting and Second Amendment rights) has implemented a bounty on predators, offering ten bucks per tail, as a means to get youth involved in outdoor traditions as well as to help our pheasant population rebound. A link about the program;

Our local paper (Rapid City Journal) has been inundated with letters, primarily from out of staters, wailing about the orphaning of baby skunks, lamenting the cruelty of trapping, and even (I kid you not) attempting to link youth hunting and trapping to the spate of mass shootings in this nation over the past couple of decades. It would be nice if neutral readers could see some letters in support of the program. Thus far, it's been about ten-to-one against it, with my letter being the only one supporting it. Out-of-staters might remind readers how often they visit South Dakota to pursue ringnecks, and the dollars they spend in the process. If you are so inclined, go to and you'll find a link to submit a letter. I'd sure appreciate any of you making that effort.