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Thread: crops aren't getting planted

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    The corn crops here in Michigan get planted in a few weeks. If the crops here can do good, I see no reason a late planting in SD would be any different. Admittedly, I donít know the first thing about farming, but if the crops go in late and also come off late, that could only be a good thing for wildlife in general as it provides cover and food longer, correct?

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    Crop insurance deadline for corn is around 5/25 and for beans around 6/10...meaning if you don't get those crops planted by then, you start losing crop insurance coverage...bottom line, those dates aren't arbitrary, they correlate with typical dates in the fall where freezing starts to occur...lots of corn is 110 day, and some gets down closer to 90 or 95...but some of this stuff just can't be tinkered with too much, it's nature's way...

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    like the statistic said in the ealier post, SD corn is typically 54% planted by is at 4% this year...that is startling!

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    a farmer who farms 3000 acres, for example, probably has close to $1,000,000 in input costs NOT INCLUDING LAND, a hail storm could really ruin your day...or heavy wind...or early frost...or that crop insurance is important.

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    Talked to one contact today that said wheat planting going good but is late. Not on to corn yet. The good thing is with today’s equipment can get a bunch in quickly.


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