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Thread: crops aren't getting planted

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    think the aide last year for soybeans that were impacted due to tariff issues required a harvested crop...standing beans didn't even crop won't count I believe...because a tariff doesn't hurt a black dirt thoughts...hope I am wrong
    SD to Texas.... thru Nebraska and Kansas......western Iowa is a train wreck too. not all of it, but the huge majority is a lost for most any row crop planned for this year. for bird hunting i am going for release and shoot closer to home, with a young dog it is only fair to get him some experience, even with pen raised birds. tromping through mud caked, bare fields is a waste of time........adjustments have to be made, as many pay to hunt preserves will reap the benefits.......i am just glad they are a viable regrets.
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    Where we hunt in SD 2013 was by far the worst year I've experienced. 11 inches of rain in April. Week long trip with five guys only 7 birds. We generally average that or more a day. I tried to switch it up and plan a ND trip boom the drought is on. This year trying to plan a trip to Kansas and rain rain rain. Although I've been chasing pheasants on and off for 40 years it seems like year after year these days it's doom and gloom. Thinking about trading in my shotguns for my bow. The deer population is through the roof.


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