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Thread: crops aren't getting planted

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    They definitely shifted to shorter maturity corn, so harvest could be normal, I guess weather will dictate. Normally they are after beans first, but since a lot of beans didn't get planted, the corn could get harvested earlier than we would expect...I hope it sits later to give the birds a place to hide. My land has no corn planted adjacent to it this year, normally it has corn on 2 sides, but it was too wet. My farmer buddy who normally plants 2000 acres of corn got about 800 acres planted...about the norm for the area I do most of my hunting. No matter, it will be a fun fall! My pup will be 6 months old when I depart for my first sharptail hunt in ND...can't wait! Was just up there for a funeral, it looks really good...they were spared all the wet weather and blizzards and fact, they are still dry...fwiw, in the areas that did get corn planted, a good amount of those acres will not be harvestable due to the wet conditions...the actual crop that is put in bins will be less than what one would expect after factoring that in.
    most of the damage is already done, as far as pheasant mortality and lack of reproduction. this extends from SD all the way through KS.
    my farmer friend in Kansas says he got nothing planted on his 600 acres. water has been standing in his fields since October.
    a late frost may help some crops meet maturity, lots will be cut for silage, those that did get crops planted, some got flooded out later.
    so far........he reports no broods in sight, neither pheasant nor quail. lots of secondary roads have been washed out, culverts are gone as well.

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    In the areas I hunt most often, it seems like little of anything has been planted. But I think the hatch should be good w/ weeds/grass being so lush. Hopefully the weather is OK for good brood success. It'll be interesting, late in the season, to see whether birds bunch up more than normal in an effort to be closer to the fewer picked corn fields.
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