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Thread: Model 12 shotgun and Older guns in general value

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    Default Model 12 shotgun and Older guns in general value

    I watched an estate sale of a good friend who loved and collected Model 12s last weekend..... It seemed to me the market has shifted on older guns in " USING " condition...
    I saw model 12 , 12 gauges in good, but NOT NICE condition sell for 150.00 at auction. Like new Heavy duck ( I know you cant use it), 12 gauge , brought only 300.00.
    I purchased a reblued 12 GAUGE, model 12 , IMP CYL 26 in. barreled , In as restored condition for 400.00.
    HE did have some really rare guns, that did bring I think, reasonable return for the family.

    I am a accumulator, not a collector, so I am NOT really knowledgeable in markets, or shifts. That said it seems to me in the last 10 years or so, many revered guns of the last century , have fallen unless, they are LIKE NEW, or a High Grade configuration.

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    I don't necessarily think that is the case across the board, but I do think the Model 12's have lost value in recent years.
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    I've been researching used A5's, 20 ga, 26"Bl for the last 8-10 months and finally found one on line and bought it sight unseen.
    Was elated at the condition of the gun...hardly been shot.

    There are several web sites that sell guns on the web and they sell "revered" guns. The old Browning's have held their value. both Sweet 16's and the 20 ga. guns. New in the box and restored A5 Browning 20ga can bring $5000! At least thet's what they are asking on line...

    Can't speak to other used shotguns, I only researched the A5's and basically the 20 ga. The 12's aren't as valuable, at least on line.

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    Why can one not use a like new Model 12 Heavy Duck?

    I do think that what is going on is that we have instilled in our society the attitude that "new" is good and "used" is bad. Capitalists in a consumer economy need this in the masses.

    Those used and usable Model 12s, Auto-5s, etc will still be shooting long after many of these new, Turkish shotguns have been recycled as the beer cans that they were made from.

    I would much rather see a new shooter purchase a used classic shotgun than waste their money on a new gun with poorly heat treated critical parts.


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