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Thread: Looking for help with a SW Nebraska hunt

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    Default Looking for help with a SW Nebraska hunt

    Hello--I know it's a slow time of year for this site but I'm in the very early stages of planning a trip from MN to SW Nebraska. We've shot a lot of pheasant but never a quail so we're hoping for a little of each. Looks like the McCook area is the place to go? We'd like to start further North and hunt our way down. We'd also really like to find a good place to stay that would allow our dogs in. Like a cabin or a house for rent. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.


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    you need to stick to the rivers bottoms and hunt brushy draws.......not many quail around elsewhere.
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    Not many quail around mccook. Lots of phez, but few quail

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    I hunt the public CRP-Map ground down there and I don't see many quail but there were a good number of Pheasants last year. No idea what this year will be like. There are a lot of quail in the counties off the Kansas border on the eastern end of the state but almost no public hunting. What there is has been pounded hard and its tough to find private ground to get on.
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