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Thread: Who is doing some spring habitat work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prairie Drifter View Post
    I sure hope that good habitat and time can overcome this flooding! 5.68 inches in about 48 hours and the river is crawling all over the place! Glad it was this early, but it still will have some impacts! Not the way to start the nesting season!
    It has been quite a year here with late snow over heavy rain and now rain it seems every other day. Can't get some of my equipment out of the storage shed as you get stuck as soon as you come out the door. Got a new tractor last week (Massy Ferguson 1740M with loader and backhoe ) and don't dare get out of the yard as have been stuck twice in 4 days. Tear up the trails and drive ways so I guess it's park everything and wait for dryer weather, lots of plans on hold right now.
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    For the Habitat tree guys this spring has been perfect. Super slow warm up and lots of moisture has reduced the amount of shock to new tree plantings. For the farmers trying to plant crops it has been a terrible spring. Corn stubble is not drying out and there are so many wet spots in the field that there will be lots of ground not planted right away this spring. Of the 440 acres we farm we have 7 acres of Oats planted and 45 Acres of New CRP planted, that's it. Was hoping for a little nice weather to help us out but... we recieved almost 2 inches of rain last night and it's drizzling today. Established CRP is really looking good and all the Hay ground looks good. SDViking

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    I hear you. We had another 6 inch rain that caused the river to flood for the third time since September. More on the way tonight and they are calling for more on Monday as well. Going to be rough on the guys wanting to plant corn and soybeans. Be nice if it would tame down as we ease into nesting season.
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    Talked to one of my tenants this morning and he's just pulled off the cattle that I was letting him graze. I'm trying to prevent the cheat grass from producing seed. He's not sure he had enough cattle on it, but it had to help. Even if some of the cheat grass produced seed, the hoof action will help prevent the grass from getting too thick. All the rain should help the NWSG recover nicely and help to produce bugs... I just hope the hens didn't get killed by the hail.


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