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    Iíve recently purchased a camp in Erwin, South Dakota after hunting for pheasants in the area. I enjoyed the place so much I couldnít pass it up when I saw it was for sale.
    Iíll be renting the camp out for pheasant season and basically whenever someone would like to take a hunting, fishing, or recreational trip.
    Itís nothing fancy, but a little better than a motel room. Itís a fully furnished house with a decent sized yard to stake your dogs out. Itís also away from any busy roads. Lots of public land and landowners that are receptive to hunters around the area.
    This is a perfect place for a group of friends to get together for a week to do some hunting and relax in the evening.
    Iím just trying to give some DIY hunters an opportunity to experience South Dakota and have a decent place to stay.
    Thanks for looking! Donít hesitate to contact me.
    Check out my site:
    Also look us up on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Nice! Good luck w/ your project!
    "Most pheasants in South Dakota don't react too well to #5s." -The Hunt for Red Rooster


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