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    Default April storm

    A terrible storm. Heavy snow, ice, gale winds. Anyone seeing survivors and any numbers?

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    farmer called me the other day, saw some birds in a usual spot...not really sure how this last one will impact the birds...good news is the previous snow had been gone for several weeks, the birds had the chance to feed easily...and now, the snow will melt again fairly soon...but you never really know. Heading out there in 9 days to pick up a puppy...will have a better idea then.

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    The cattails are the question. One spring, a similar storm came, not as severe and after all the snow melted with water everywhere. We had a hard freeze, we burnt down the cattails over the frozen water. After the burn, the ice was loaded full of dead pheasants. The birds sought refuge in the cattails before the storm and the weight of snow and then ice pushed them into the water. Just hope it didn’t happen again..

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    got a report today, I am concerned...may be a false alarm, I think this rancher has been a bit ill, so not sure how much he has been out and about, but I am concerned.

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    just texted a different farmer about 10 miles away...he said there are lots of birds...he is rough, bearded and crude...I texted him back that I would kiss him if I response. There is a history here, I knew I could get away with it and that he would chuckle...

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    Iím concerned as well. This latest storm definitely had an impact. My friend was seeing dead birds on his farm. Iím afraid that wet heavy blowing snow killed a few. Most birds were moving away from their winter cover and were starting to spread out. Fingers crossed it was not too bad.


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