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Thread: Outfitters - U Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter94 View Post
    no intent to bash anyone......just an observation on how the result could have been handled, from a good will point of view.
    hope his business continues........and yes, all the pay to hunt ops will be buying a ton of roosters this fall, due to brutal winter.
    the wild bird population will be in recovery mode for some time to come.
    No ALL the pay to hunt will not buying a ton of roosters. I may release some hens in the spring, but not roosters. An lot will but not all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockeybob View Post
    Its still early but the dismal pheasant survival reports coming out of parts of SD should help the the outfitters who supplement pen raised roosters for their hunting grounds. More guys may opt for that next year.
    I was on the U-Guide site and found this comment interesting by a dissatisfied group.
    We hunted Lazy 7 outside Highmore (Hyde County) 12/7-9. We saw only 6 roosters the entire time. 6 hunters (with decades of combined experience) and 5 dogs, two of which were bred and professionally trained at Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs (John Greer - Ellensburg, Wa). The experience was beyond disappointing, especially since this property was advertised as a tier 1 property and UGuide has done nothing to provide value.

    Sorry to hear about their experience. Our group of 10 have killed fewer birds last two years than in the past at one of his camps. We always have a great time. This past year I killed 2 bird in three days, but I ran 4 dogs and enjoyed seeing a bunch of birds shot over their points, by guys who don't have much opportunity to bird hunt. I'd quit going if he released birds, don't need to drive 8 hours for that.

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    Our group all sign up early and pay ahead knowing we are going regardless of the hatch and like many have fun no matter the number of birds seen or killed. As Haymaker pointed out, he has his costs regardless of bird numbers and comping a hunt isn’t fair for the farmer.
    The word Value from the quote in the original post can come in many different ways. Being a good host that makes you feel like part of the family and or a good friend is a great thing and one way to add value. A host knowing that the stay Can be just as important to some as the hunt. On a down year, I know that a good host goes a long way, I have seen and been part of a place that has a bad host. I sure wish I could share more on my experience.

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    I'm sure anyone in the "wild birds only" pay to hunt biz are scared a bit right now...obviously their biz was affected after the drought of '17, and now this...I understand that many aren't in it for the sheer #'s, but many (me included) are reluctant to drop $1,000+ for a hunt just to walk on the prairie...lots of beautiful public land in Mn that I can do that on...

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    Man the storms, flooding, frozen February, seems like we cant string two years together without chaos, 2017 drought.


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