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    22 years old. Going to school in Mitchell, SD till may. Run a Guide business through social media. Looking for a Full time gig as I did it to make extra money for school. Can train dogs. Currently working with a 9 month old pointer that has been on a ton of birds. If you know of anyone looking for help for next season please let me know. Thanks!IMG_0068.jpg

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    I'm impressed with your initiative! Nice looking pointer...

    Tell us about your "guide business."


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    My guide business was more of me taking out friends from back home which I am from around Omaha. It eventually transformed into a platform for me, having friends telling their friends. It eventually led me to changing my old Facebook and Instagram fishing page to an all around outdoors page. From their my friends would share it and I would get my clients. I didn't take on a ton because I was just learning. I really do not have rights to a ton of land, most of it comes from people I have met in my time up here in South Dakota. I do know though that they would all come back and really want me to stay up here again next year. I would really like to find something up here if I can, but we will see where the wind blows me. If anyone would like to check out my pages. Facebook is Ahrens Outdoors. Instagram is ahrens_outdoors.


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