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    It would seem the winter has me pondering hunting trips for this year. I always wanted to hunt prairie chickens since I have never seen one and made the trip to South Dakota the middle of the opening weekend. It was a fun trip to see new country and roam around vast expanses while seeing my first prairie chickens ever. I shot a limit all three days I was there and had a blast. My question to anyone who hunts them a lot is are they able to be hunted in a grassland type setting in November or later with good conditions. I realize weather is everything then I am only wondering if I took my dog out to the national grasslands for example could I still flush a close bird or two or am I dreaming as they are all grouped up. I am pretty sure I know what most will say and yes I am planning on going then depending on snow of course. Just curious as to what cover to look towards or if I should try to find a place to pass shoot them. I hope everyone is wintering well and thanks for any replies.

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    The earlier in the year, the better, as hunting pressure, at least in the Grasslands is pretty stout. Are you hunting with a dog, or just out walking on the grasslands? What type of country were you in for last years trip, and why wouldnt you go back there, considering your success? As far as later on, they get spookier the later in the year, but theres always a chance of a straggler or two that wont fly with the covey rise. I hunted the last weekend of the season, south of Presho, and had long range ops, but nothing close. My hunting partner did scratch out one that happened to fly over him from. My dogs pressure them too much. If using a flusher, it needs to work close, and under control. If hunting a pointer,, you need a dog that points at first scent and dont creep until you get to it.

    I went out in the spring and searched out drumming ground/lek and secured permission to go out the next morning. Armed with a ground blind and a camera, I gotta tell you, it was one of the coolest experiences ive ever witnessed in the outdoors. Amazing..


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