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Thread: 2019 Flushing

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    Quote Originally Posted by 25ott6 View Post
    Great ratio of hens.
    You're right. The purpose of the survey isn't to count total numbers of birds present but to get a good idea of the sex ratio . This helps when they do the spring crowing counts to determine how many hens per square mile . Remember the goal is a minimum of 10 hens per square mile.

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    I think roosters are a lot more active with roaming and running around than hens at this time of year so a higher flush rate of roosters would probably be expected. I used to hunt a preserve where they raised and released their own birds and it was pretty common knowledge that in the late winter and early spring there was a good chance roosters would roam and run off or flush wild at a distance before you'd get a shot at them. Hens tended to sit tighter and were less likely to flush wild late in the season and early spring. When we had wild birds in northeast Ohio during the fall season, Nov. , Dec., it seemed to be the opposite where hens seemed more likely to flush close and roosters were more cagey and evasive so you wouldn't see as many. Back then it was common to see 4 or 5 times as many wild hens as roosters during the hunting season.
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