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Thread: Hemp/CBD Oil for Dogs

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    Default Hemp/CBD Oil for Dogs

    I was wondering if anyone has ever given their dogs Hemp/CBD Oil? I might try giving some to my Brittany with allergies and see if it helps.
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    We just started giving our two old Labs the oil about 10 days ago. The 14 year old has arthritic rear leg joints due to ACL surgery on both sides. The 13 year old has a bad left front elbow due to surgery on that.

    We're just hoping it makes it a bit easier for them to move around, get up and down. So far it seems to have made them a bit more "flexible" if that's the word; they seem to move easier. Both of them seem to show a bit less discomfort. We're going to keep it going for a month and the decide if it's really doing anything.

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    I have a friend who runs agility with an older german shepard. He swears by it, says the dog is more flexible and happier, which means he runs faster, more competitive. Don't know if there are any studies out there with it yet. I always give my older dogs glucosamine which seems to help them, although I have never found any studies to back that up.


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