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Thread: OF Birds ,Brittany’s and Bismuth

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    I hunted most of my normal pheasant and Quail spots in the Smoky hills region of Kansas , I would say numbers down a bit from last year , The areas I hunted in the Glaciated Plains are Quail down on where I have permission . I have. Heard positive reports from the Southern High plains .

    My Britt girls did a nice job this season , I had my 4 year old dog Lilo Britt put things together glad I stuck with her .

    Ginger did it all this season , one of my proudest moments hunting with 5 other hunters she started tracking a runner in a Milo feild , I stayed with her while my friends worked a plumb thicket lined draw in the Milo feild . My hunting partners watched on doubtful that a bird would be taken .
    My girl stellfully trackwd the runner going easy cat walking pointing when scent was close , relocating like a pro when scent was lighter . At the flush I was fumbling with something in my vest , recovered in time to put a well placed shot from My Ruger SxS gold label on the front end of him and Ginger brought him to bag.

    Kent Bismuth #4 3 “ 20 gauge one ounce at 1400 FPS pheasants shot on non tox areas in Neb and Kansas , birds shot from 15 to 40 yds went down hard when I did my part . The research I have done is the #4 Bismuth should weigh about the same as #2 steel and have similar pellet count as #5 lead , Trippled on Mallards on a jump with a SxS 20 gauge . A duck going out late straight away at 30 yds or so folded up hard all 3 birds where feet up not twitching at all . This my new non tox 20 ga load .


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    Great report. Sounds like you & the girls had a fun season! Bismuth is great stuff & 1/2-way affordable. I shoot it almost exclusively on public pheasants. Yes, the retained energy (pellet for equal pellet) is better than steel, but I think a good portion of its lethality has to do with energy transfer. Steel is so hard, round & slippery that much of it goes clean through the bird, not transferring all its energy to the bird. Whereas bismuth, like lead, deforms on impact & in some cases even fractures, staying in the bird & transferring every last bit of energy. "Shock" kills. Yes, we all know you can kill birds with steel & that there are definite trade-offs. But bismuth is a more effective shot material than steel.
    "Most pheasants in South Dakota don't react too well to #5s." -The Hunt for Red Rooster

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    Great synopsis of your season, thanks agin for your help on my Nebraska. Hope we can tag up for a hunt next year!
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    Sure thing Forester let’s touch basis sometime late summer


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