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Thread: Lodging near Groton.

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    Default Lodging near Groton.

    looking for something different. We have been out several years at different places. Just seeing if anyone had a house or something to rent this comming year, that may not be on the internet or advertised on and such. We have a party of appx. 12 and maybe 10 dogs or so. Basically all we are looking for is decent housing with a kitchen and someplace to keep dogs out of the weather, a basement , spare room, heated out building etc. Dogs will be kept in crates while not hunting or being left outside for a few minutes. We hunt public land so not looking for guides or land to hunt. i know its kind of a long shot but if anyone has or knows of something please PM me. Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know if this would work for you or not.

    I know nothing about this place just came up on a web search. I lived in Aberdeen for over 30 years and have relatives in the Groton area. But I am not aware of any other housing or lodging.
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    Yes we stayed their two times and thats where were probably going to end up this year also. Its a nice place, had a few minor issues last year but nothing major. Thanks


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