On Friday the House Ag committee gave a DO PASS recommendation to an AMENDED version of SB2315. The version that came out of the Senate wasn't a perfect bill, but it had the foundation for possible success. The version passed by the House Ag Committee carries a 100% posted provision whereby all private lands would be closed to entry without permission. It is a serious threat to hunting and fishing in North Dakota.

A summary from John Bradley of ND Wildlife Federation is attached, along with a copy of the amended version. It's not an easy read and portions appear redundant. One of the problematic areas is on page 7, lines 14-24. Basically it declares that permission is required to enter private land for any reason.

The second area of trouble is on the last page. It states that if the interim committee doesn't come up with a plan by 2020, everything will be posted ANYWAY. This means that if an agreement isn't reached, (meaning the sportsmen give in) the law would automatically become "Everything is posted". In essence, the members of the committee can easily steer the process the get their ultimate goal.

Please contact your House Reps and ask them to vote NO on SB2315 as amended by the House Ag Committee. The committee is to blame for undermining the efforts of many people who have worked countless hours this bill.

A total trespass law would be a devastating blow to ND's outdoor heritage and the small towns who rely on its' almost $1billion annual economic impact.

If this bill passes the House, it will go a conference committee where select members of the House and Senate will try to work out the differences. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that sportsmen will get fair representation on this committee, as we have not received it anywhere else in the process. We've been ignored since this bill was first presented in the Senate.

The movement to kill SB2315 in the House came after many conversations with legislators, sportsmen, wildlife clubs, wildlife professionals, and average sportsmen. It is the best decision for sportsmen right now, even though it likely means we will have to work on this issue again in the next legislative session.

Please, right now, contact your House reps and ask them to vote NO on SB2315 when it comes to House floor. The vote will take place early this week, so don't delay.

Remember to include your name, address, and phone# on all messages to Legislators.

As always, I take responsibility for the contents of this email.

Mark Mazaheri
2709 N. 10th St